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 Updated Nov 30, 2012

8th Annual Singapore Invitational Tournament
Feb 27th - Marc 3rd 2013
Looking for an organizer from Shanghai

Open Division
Recreational Division
over 35 Recreational Division (maybe)

New Olympic sized rink
Details here:
Singapore Invitational Tournament 2013 Invitat.pdf
and here: Registration Form 2013.doc

U.S. Pond Hockey Championships
Lake Nokomis
Buttfac, Minnesota
January 18-20, 2013
Contact Brian Wallace for details

Updated November 30, 2011

Annual Tournaments

Below is a list of tournaments we regularly send a team to (all costs are approximate).  We are always looking for volunteers to organize teams for tournaments (with some guidance from us if needed) as we can't organize all of them ourselves.  If you are interested in organizing a team for a tournament please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information:

Shenyang - Sept 23-25 2011: Shanghai Red Guard were Champions

Himalayan Ice Hockey Adventure 2012  Leh, Ladakh, India  January 20 to 23, 2012
The adventure takes place in Leh,Ladakh, India on Jan 20-23, 2012 with a Himalayan pond hockey tournament, playing against local teams who until several decades ago used field-hockeysticks and skates made from army boots with homemade blades (Like Vancouver before the Sedins showed up). You can contact SHC's very own Tony Kretzshmar for details or read these documents.
Himalayan Hockey Adventure 2012 Tournament Inf.pdf
Himalayan Ice Hockey Adventure 2012 Flyer sh.pdf
Himalayan Ice Hockey Adventure 2012 Travel Inf.pdf

Mongolia - Chinese New Year

Tournament Fee - 400RMB plus flights via Beijing
Other Costs - $50US/night hotels with double occupancy, 4000RMB return flights

Format – 5 on 5
Comments - Outdoor 5 on 5 tournament played on two ice surfaces with a lot of “character”.  Here’s your opportunity to play against a National Team before you hang up the blades.  This is a 4 day blitz of Vodka, avoiding beatdowns by the locals, playing in sub-zero temperatures under the sun and partaking in a rich cultural experience not to be missed while you are in Asia.  Not vegetarian friendly.

Bangkok Oldtimers (35+) - March 29 -31, 2011

Kevin Mcarthy - Shanghai Team Organizer
Registration Deadline - January 31st
Tournament Fee (Approx) - 900 – 1000RMB
Other Costs - $75US/night hotels with double occupancy, 3500RMB return flights

Format – 5 on 5
Comments from the organizer:
The 5th Annual City of Angels Old Timer’s Ice Hockey Classic is set for March 29th-31st 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand.  This year’s tournament may be held at the new ice arena at the Rink Central Rama IX.  The rink is ideally located two subway stops from the prime entertainment zone and the popular Sukhumvit Road.   We should have confirmation by mid December and we are keeping our fingers crossed we will be able to have the tournament at the new rink.  

We are expecting the tournament to be full and the maximum number of teams will be 14 so please register soon!  Last year we had ten teams and we hope to have 12-14 this year.  The 2011 Champions Dubai Mighty Camels are expected to make the trip back to the City of Angels to defend their crown! 

Please kindly see the attached PDF file for more tournament details.  The tournament hotel information will be out by December 25th, 2011.  In addition, we will be updating the website and on Facebook (JOG Sports) with more tournament info! 

city of angels 2012 (5).pdf

Hong Hong 5's May 8 - 12 2012
Calvin Wong
Registration Deadline – February 1st
Tournament Fee (Approx) - 1200RMB
Other Costs - $100US/night hotels with double occupancy, 3000RMB return flights

Format – 5 on 5
Comments - Planning to send 2 teams, competitive and recreation division, 36 minute running time games, great nightlife, historically guaranteed 4 games. The most organized, competititve and largest tournament in Asia this event draws teams from Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi (although they may not be invited back as Belarusian ringers are generally not welcome!) to play in a full size rink in a shopping mall in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Shenzhen Dirty Southern Classic – June
Tournament Fee – 300RMB
Other Costs - 400RMB/night hotels with double occupancy, 1800RMB return flights
Format – 4 on 4
Comments – This is a great starter tourney and a good economical choice for your first tournament and if you are new to China and want to travel around with some "old China hand" veterans.  Late night games, late night activities, sun, fun and a day trip to Hong Kong (if you can get up early enough)!

Kuala Lumpur – September 6-8
Tournament Fee – 950USD per team
Format – 3 on 3
Comments – This is a new tournament for us, we are definitely looking for someone to spearhead this effort!

see details more here   2012 Kuala Lampur Hockey Tournament

Dubai - April
More details to follow.

Singapore - April
Tentative as rink is not completed yet!

The Thrilla in Manila - July
More details to follow.

Regular Domestic Tournaments:
Harbin (during the ice festival) - Jan/Feb
Shenyang (Northern China teams - expats and locals) - Sept
Dalian (outdoor pond hockey tourney) - Jan/Feb
Kunming (hockey at 3000m, bring your oxygen tank)

Beijing (multiple tournaments each year)

Previous Tournaments

October 28-31, 2009 Bangkok Land of Smiles Ice Hockey Classic
See you next year!  Congatulations to all participants for this year's showing....

Bangkok 2009

The Red Guard will send a team wherever there is enough interest, all players are welcome to join. Roster spots are limited to 13, first come first served, we will not go with less than 10 players.

Please check back periodically to the webpage for updates as more information becomes available.

Email the account if you would like to attend a tournament or lead a team into battle on behalf of the Shanghai Red Guard.

This year we will be looking for a team leader for each tournament to work with the exec to captain the team and help organize the tournament (tickets, collecting money, booking hotels, booking flights, confirming who’s in). There will be some tournaments this year that no execs will attend so it’s important to have a team leader to co-organize each tournament. If one of these tournaments is of particular interest to you please make yourself known to one of the execs.
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